Sports Lighting Solutions

Examples that Showcase LED Stadium Lights and Field Lights

Sports lighting solutions should be exactly that – a solution to a problem. Our solutions-oriented approach keeps lighting quality and energy efficiency top of mind. We specialize in stadium lights, field lights, and other outdoor venues that benefit from lighting installation that uses LED sports lighting. We can also handle private sector lighting projects for cities, neighborhoods, and schools.

Our experience, streamlined process, and vast product selection enables GameDay Lighting to deliver the perfect game day experience to athletes and their fanbase. And because we’re always innovating, we deliver completely customized solutions with the latest technology in every project we complete.

Gates Series

The Gates series is a high-performance LED stadium light designed for outdoor sports lighting. An LED floodlight with superior high output, the Gates series eliminates virtually all glare for a uniform lighting effect and minimal impact on performance. It is available in a range of flood distributions for large-area lighting applications. Ask us about the available 10+-year warranty on the Gates series.

Bryant Series

The Bryant series is an outdoor high-performance, economical, energy-saving LED stadium light that resists corrosion and limits light pollution around the site with its photometric design. For uniform lighting and an aluminum heat dissipation design, the Bryant series LED flood light delivers a long lifespan and lower operating costs, with up to 1200 watts of power. Ask us about the 10+-year warranty available on the Bryant series.

Joe Series

The Joe series is designed for the high-performance LED sports lighting of tennis and pickleball courts. Engineered to minimize light pollution and limit glare, the Joe series uses 50 percent less energy than typical HID court-lighting systems. For precision lighting with optional wireless controls, consider the Joe series. Ask us about the available 10+-year warranty on this product.


Stack Series Stadium Poles come directly from the OEM supplier of stadium poles and brackets that adhere to standards set forth by AASHTO, ASTM International, and NEMA.

Professional Installation

In addition to our wide array of LED sports lighting and LED stadium lights, our professional lighting technicians and engineers complete the entirety of the lighting installation on a timetable that works for your project.

LED Lighting Solutions Brighten Up Game Night

When you work with GameDay Lighting, you’ll have access to some of the most advanced LED lighting solutions to showcase your athletic teams and sports center like never before – all competitively priced. Ready for kick-off?

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